Master Plan

The Vision

Show your support for the trail by helping us close the gap on the remaining 5% ($6,000) needed for the masterplan. Your donation will see immediate benefits as we complete the master plan by November 2023.

With your help, we’ve raised 95% of the funding needed to execute the contract for master planning the 8-county trail from Union Point in Greene County all the way to Savannah through Greene Co., Hancock Co., Washington Co., Johnson Co., Emanuel Co., Bulloch Co., Effingham Co., & Chatham Co.

This master planning process with the PATH Foundation will define where the trail will go, what it will look like at different locations, how much it will cost, and provide strategies for making it happen.

There is no time to delay, as 2023 is a big year for Georgia trail grant applications.

Thank you for your support.

Funds still needed:

  • Greene County: $2350 remaining
  • Hancock County: complete!
  • Washington County: complete!
  • Johnson County: $1150 remaining
  • Emanuel County: $2500 remaining
  • Bulloch County: complete!
  • Effingham County: complete!
  • Chatham County: complete!

Sponsor a Kid to Ride

Kids Bike League uses mountain biking as a tool to develop confidence and curiosity in our next generation of leaders. We explore the great outdoors by bicycle and in doing so, empower kids with a love for themselves, their community and their local ecosystem.

We currently have monthly rides and seasonal camps in the following communities:

Pineora, Georgia (serving Savannah, Guyton & Statesboro areas)

Twin City, Georgia (serving Sandersville, Statesboro, Swainsboro, Tennille, Twin City & Wrightsville areas)

Sandersville, Georgia (serving Sandersville, Sparta, Swainsboro, Tennille, Twin City & Wrightsville)

Sparta, Georgia (serving Greensboro, Sandersville, Sparta, Tennille & Union Point areas)

Ensure our work continues into 2023 by:

$10: sponsoring a meal for a kid at camp.
$25: sponsoring tuition for one kid at “Learn to Ride a Bike for Kids” clinic
$75: sponsoring tuition for one kid to go to (1) week-long summer camp at Kids Bike League
$500: sponsoring one bike for multiple kids to use on a monthly basis, year-after-year (for the lifetime of the bike).