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The Planned Georgia Hi-Lo Trail

After five years of dreaming, planning and negotiating through this project, we have finally completed the master plan that outlines the process to bring the Georgia Hi-Lo Trail to fruition by 2050. With guidance from PATH Foundation, Kaizen Collaborative and community leaders, we are proud to deliver the Georgia Hi-Lo Plan Report.

We sincerely appreciate your support for this ambitious project. The Georgia Hi-Lo Trail is worthy of the substantial effort required to build it.  As you read the report, you will be reminded of the tremendous value these types of trails bring to the communities they serve. Let’s keep our eye on the prize as we work together to build the longest paved trail in America – right here in Georgia!


This trail means "MORE"!

More people enjoying nature.

More exercise.

More conversations with friends.

More miles ridden on bikes.

More walks.

More smiles.

More miles.

Georgia Hi-Lo Trail Vision


Connect two trail projects to form a 250-mile paved, road-separated path through small Georgia towns from Athens to Savannah.


Firefly Trail - begins in Athens and will end in Union Point, a distance of 39 miles when completed. Firefly Trail, Inc. began their work in 2007 and have been true “trail blazers” across small communities in Georgia.


Georgia Hi-Lo Trail - will connect to the Firefly Trail in Union Point and continue on to Savannah – a 211-mile stretch through rural Georgia.

Proposed Trail

Your support helps the dream become a reality!


There are many examples of trails like this around the country. Hear straight from skeptical neighbors in the video below, landowners and mayors in Virginia as they were in areas planning trails like the Georgia Hi-Lo in the video below about the Ecusta Trail, Virginia Creeper Trail and Swamp Rabbit Trail.

Master Plan with Model Miles

Read the Comprehensive Master Plan above, which shows us the timeline, cost and exactly where the trail will go.

Fun for all - not just bikes!

The trail is for all forms of non-motorized traffic. This means walkers, runners, strollers, bicycles, rollerbladers, & dogs on a leash are all welcome.

Georgia Hi-Lo County Profiles

Washington County Profile

Emanuel County Profile

Hancock County Profile

Johnson County Profile

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